Monday, November 23, 2009

The Grip, The Case

I purchased the Canon PSC900 case which form fits the S90.  I also purchased Richard Franiec's custom grip for the S90 and was quite concerned about how the case would handle the grip.  In the end after consulting anyone I could find familiar with leather work (not many left) I decided just to force fit the two and see what happened.  Seems to be working out just fine.  Although tight the camera does still fit into the case and the leather of the case is starting to break-in.

Couple of quick cell phone snaps.

Monday, November 2, 2009

yes this image sucks but...

it's ISO 8,000.  Yes I did mean to write 8,000,  and from a P&S with a fingernail size chip.

I desaturated the image and threw a little mid-contrast into the mix

the S90 has a high ISO mode.  The icon is a lit candle.  The camera goes into a full auto mode.  The only choices I can make are focal length and whether to shoot individual images or continuous mode.

When in this mode RAW is disabled and a 1/4 size jpeg is produced.  I believe that it combines pixel elements in some sort of way in order to deliver ISO's up to 12,500.  Again from a point and shoot.

This image was ISO 8,000, 1/15 sec at f2.

ISO 800

kinda liking the higher ISO capabilities of this little camera.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

higher ISO

The weather the past few days has ben just great.  It was supposed to be cold and rainy but it's been warm, windy and mostly clear.  As a result we had a bit of color at sunset tonight.  I was late for the show but managed to grab a few images.  The first image is ISO 100, the rest are ISO 800.

Actually I'm quite impressed with how clean the images are.  Tiny sensor, dark scene, ISO 800 I was expecting a whole lot o noise.  It could be that DPP (Canon's RAW processor) applies noise reduction...I  don't really know anything about the program.  This is my first Canon.

Images have Vignetting applied...gotta keep the color from leaking out after all.

new camera

Well the camera arrived just the other day.  I'm still trying to make sense out of it.  So far it sure is fun.

I can see right away that it doesn't seem to have the DR of my DP1 but then I didn't expect it to.

It is very small, that and the external controls are great.

I batch processed these RAW files in Canon's DPP.  I saved the tiff's in Aperture.  I will usually apply Vignetting to all my images as I did with these.

I downloaded a copy of Lightroom Beta3 but it doesn't correctly process the S90 images yet.  Like the camera this copies,  the Panasonic LX3, the lens requires software correction of the images.  Probably be better if that wasn't true but then the lens may add an additional $200 to the camera price.

ISO 80


ISO 100

ISO 100

ISO 80

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Initial Post

I have pre ordered the Canon S90. I am a bit concerned with the small sensor size and the fact that the images are likely to be diffraction limited at all f stops (possible excepting f2). The manual control ring on the lens really got my attention and I can foresee this little camera being quite easy to use. Guess I'll find out.