Monday, November 2, 2009

yes this image sucks but...

it's ISO 8,000.  Yes I did mean to write 8,000,  and from a P&S with a fingernail size chip.

I desaturated the image and threw a little mid-contrast into the mix

the S90 has a high ISO mode.  The icon is a lit candle.  The camera goes into a full auto mode.  The only choices I can make are focal length and whether to shoot individual images or continuous mode.

When in this mode RAW is disabled and a 1/4 size jpeg is produced.  I believe that it combines pixel elements in some sort of way in order to deliver ISO's up to 12,500.  Again from a point and shoot.

This image was ISO 8,000, 1/15 sec at f2.

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  1. Hi Charles

    1/15th at f2 is nice ... one of the things which digital cameras are really nice at is night shots. I'm not sure but looking at your image there is some serious posterisation happening there as well as some nasty JPG artifacts too ... perhaps it was the compression perhaps it was the JPG engine ... I've been able to get images like this one

    from my Coolpix 950 since 2001.

    Something which I think is ignored in comparisons of small sensor cameras is (assuming you accept that 6 Megapixels is enough) how well they do when you resized back to 6Mp from 10Mp ... a little bit of post processing by hand on your RAW files can do wonders.

    Definately there is something to be said for compact cameras :-)

    how are you finding the manual focus on this camera?